bliet.jpg Traffic Steering for Traffic Congestion Management

(1) Explosive traffic growth in campus
Campus networks are experiencing the explosive growth of bandwidth consumption. A problem is that a minority of heavy users is occupying a major portion of internet bandwidth from E-learning education, P2P downloading and gaming. However, it is not alternative either to support new hardware replacement (e.g., switch and router upgrade) or to extend additional upstream bandwidth.

(2) P2P service control
P2P services on campus have problems that may cause to exceed the bandwidth limit and to violate the right of copyright owner. packetLiner identifies P2P services and controls them by volume base to avoid the congestion during peak time. This enforcement guarantees the high speed on critical applications such as E-learning, web services and database processing.


[ Rate limit enforcement in dormitory ]

(3) Bandwidth allocation by different groups
The campus consists of different types of buildings such as colleges, library, laboratory and dormitory, etc. packetLiner monitors and analyzes the network activities down to application, device, protocol and user and provides the comprehensive picture of traffic statistics in the real time. This statistic information from the different buildings (the groups of IP ranges) helps the network operators to differently allocate bandwidth by time and volume. In a day time, the buildings of colleges and laboratories’ traffic set a high priority of E-learning and web services, while the dormitories set a low priority of P2P and file sharing. This solution achieves to minimize the congestion and improve users’ QoS in the campus.

 bliet.jpg Blocking the Illegal Contents

(1) The need of illegal content management
As the smart devices are generally using in the campus, the students and faculty are easily exposure to illegal and harmful contents such as violence, sexual abuse and racist materials. To solve this problem, network operators needs the network level URL filtering solution in accurately blocking access to these illegal and harmful contents and allowing online blacklist updates.

(2)packetLiner, online database updates of URL blacklists
packetLiner is designed to block access to blacklist content in order to provide a secure network. packetLiner offers online updates of URL blacklists, categorized by nude, sex, violence, language, drug and weapon gamble, child harmful and packetLiner’s user defied. Especially, the network operator enables to set up the updates of user defied illegal and harmful sites on the system.

(3)packetLiner, blocking the illegal contents

[ Statistic result on blocking the illegal contents ]

packetLiner’s capability of blocking access to illegal contents provides the statistic information by the
above categories and the redirects service. When a user accesses to a certain illegal site, packetLiner
redirects the user to captive portal or a customized warning page for notification.