bliet.jpg Value added Service Model in Mobile Network

(1) The need of parental control application
In South Korea, teenagers account for over 81.5% who carries the smart phones. In the research, they have already tried to access adult contents such as sexual & violent video (45.5%), picture (40.0%) and game (23.3%). Parents need the strong tools with which they can control their children’s internet access.

(2) packetLiner’s parental control application solution


[ Value added service model in mobile ]

packetLiner’s advanced traffic control technique creates the value added service to fulfill the parents demands for safer and protected internet environment. When children accesses to targeted web contents which are pre-defined illegal and harmful sites, pacaketLiner restricts this access and redirects the children to show a customized warning page for blocking. To reach a higher accurate filtering to these sites, packetLiner rapidly updates new database, provided by KOCSC (Korea Communications Standards Commission) and complies with regulatory requirements.