DPI platform for Enterprise
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In the global phenomenon of the explosive traffic growth, packetLiner Enterprise is L7 applications analysis and control solution that leverages L7 Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) to have the full traffic visibility into protocol and applications. And this solution helps the right decisions of proactive policy enforcement for improving Quality of Service (QoS) in the business network.

 bliet.jpg Functions & Benefits

In-depth visibility into network traffic

packetLiner Enterprise is engineered specifically for analyzing the various types of traffic details and classifying into Web, Streaming, P2P, VoIP, File sharing, ERP from the network edge. DPI based visibility gives the network operator the complete picture of network utilization in the real time.

Comprehensive reporting of network condition

packetLiner Enterprise's easy to use GUI shows the current network condition and tracks the historical and present bandwidth usage patterns to learn effectively traffic management for now and future capacity. And the network operator enables to understand how the network is utilized such as the most popular application per business department site and investigate the problematic bottlenecks to avoid the network congestion.
Delivering of service optimization
packetLiner Enterprise defines the policy provision and determines the target of the specific application that will receive the treatment of either priority or fairness for service optimization. It allocates the minimum and maximum bandwidth percentage and prioritizes the business critical application for empowering the business efficiency and network resource distribution.
Achieving the safer network
packetLiner Enterprise provides several important network security technologies, designed to block the access to harmful contents on the internet and prevent DDoS attacks.
With employing URL blacklist, packetLiner Enterprise filtering has the capabilities of blocking the access of hazardous contents and allowing users to redirect with warning page. URL blacklist is periodically updated from the new illegal contents, provided by Korea Communications Standards Commission on the targeted content categories such as stock, game, E-shopping, etc.
To defense DDoS attacks from overwhelming works or network, packetLiner Enterprise monitors the applications, services, users and alerts the report of abnormal signs. Network operators enable to mitigate the attack's effects by proactively protections of 5 tuple based filtering and real time monitoring to the enforcement points. To be more accurate and faster detection tools, packetLiner Enterprise provides three types of detection methods such as signature-based, anomaly based and trace-back detections.
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