DPI platform for Broadband
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Global data has been doubling every year in the fixed and mobile networks. We are now living the era of the data explosion, appearing from the diversity of the multi devices. packetLiner Broadband is the purpose–built carrier grade platform with full visibility of subscribers' behavior patterns and proactively traffic steering for the balance between the priority and fairness. The service provider enables to achieve the insights into bandwidth consumption management for subscribers' QoS and the creation of new business model for profitable revenue generation.

 bliet.jpg Functions & Benefits

In-depth visibility into network traffic

packetLiner Broadband, employing DPI engine, implements L7 inspections and analytical methods to identify the various types of traffic. In the multi gigabit network environment over 80G, it classifies by L7 application, device, protocol and subscribers in the real time. Frequent updates of service rule library are designed to increase the accuracy and precision for new and renewal applications' classification.

Defining subscribers' behavior patterns

packetLiner Broadband's subscriber awareness is to identify a user who is generating some certain L7 applications (ex. Youtube streaming from iOS in the 7pm of peak time) in detail. The service provider enables to monitor subscriber-application usage and to track the traffic consumption patterns and trends.
Differentiated service on group segmentation
The accumulated reporting of the data usage from packetLiner Broadband GUI proves that the various subscriber groups have the specific patterns such as Info Seeker (Most activity of general web browsing), Application Savvy (high data usage on Video, IM). The service providers should need the innovative approaches separately based on the groups' digital lifestyles. packetLiner's comprehensive reporting shows who is doing what in the real time and determines the policy provision for effectively allocating bandwidth.
Finally, it reaches to the creation of differentiated and optimized service that is able to increase ARPU.
Integrated with value added service
packetLiner Broadband is deployed in all types of ISP's network and facilitates to be integrated with 3rd party services such as BSS/OSS, billing system and media caching freely. ISP obtains the chance to build the revenue generating model with the accurate statistics of the subscriber behavior and OTT usages.
Moreover, to provide the value added service that brings the profits into the ISP's business, packetLiner Broadband implements the volume based account information that enables to make the "Tiered Data Pricing Plan", targeted to different tastes of subscriber's category.
Carrier-class scalability with clustered configuration
The clustered configuration of packetLiner Broadband is to configure up to five packetLiner Broadband systems to synchronize the analysis and control of asymmetric traffic and subscriber from the multiple networks that overcomes the issues of scalability and availability in the modern complex communication networks. As a result, it ensures the massive scale of performance up to 200G.
 bliet.jpg GUI Snapshot